Retriever Results 2015-16

Novice 1 AV
12th September 2015
Badnocks Farm, Southminster, Essex. By kind invitation of Bradley Faulkner Esq and the syndicate.
Judges: Mrs Gilly Nickolls (A2527), Mr Tom Lowe (B3187), Mrs Diana Stevens (NP3483) & Mrs Julia Reed (NP3557)  
1st Upcountry Nile, LRD by Brindlebay Butler FTCh ex Upcountry Mist, Owner/Breeder/Handler Mr Phil Askew  
Gun’s Choice Ringneck Bramble, LRD by Tweedshot Maximus of Blackharn FTCh ex ?, Owner/Breeder/Handler Mr Tony Parnell  
  Tom Lowe writes: A big thank-you to Bradley, the guns, Ben the keeper, all his beaters, pickers-up, the judges for giving up their time and all the helpers who made the day work. This was the first trial at this ground and I hope we get invited back. Photos of the day by 'Lens and Hound'  
Open AV
28th & 29th October 2015
Ampton Estate, Great Livermere, Suffolk. By kind invitation of Peter Rushbrook Esq  
Judges Mrs Diana Harrison (A1870), Mr Richard Beckerleg (A2812), Mr John Keegan (B2858) & Mr Godfrey Lowe (B2996)  
1st & Guns' Choice Drakeshead Vine, LRB by Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway FTCh ex Levenghyl Silvercloud of Drakeshead.
Owner: Jim Sugden; Breeder: Sandra Halstead; Handler: Jim Sugden
2nd Ragweeds Trigger, LRD by Mediterian Blue FTCh ex Emmanygan Raven.
Owner: Cherry Finlan; Breeder: Stefanie Latham; Handler: John Halsted
3rd Brockweir Daisy, LRB by Darleigh Thunderbolt FTCh ex Brockweir Rosemary FTCh.
Owner/Breeder/Handler: Diana Wiggin
Certificate of Merit Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch, LRD by Tasco Brimstone ex Collaroybanks Willow.
Breeder: Jane Fairclough; Owner/Handler: D S Alan Rees
Certificate of Merit Greenbriar Siege, LRD by Waterford Fergus FTCh ex Brynbrig Isidore at Greenbriar.
Breeder: Carole Clarke; Owner/Handler: Nathan Laffy
Certificate of Merit Arkglas Thor, LRD by Eastdale Harry FTCh ex Fennel of Fern.
Breeder: J Julian; Owner/Handler: Leigh Jackson
Certificate of Merit Studebaker Archie at Lyanmoreshot, LRD by Eastdale Harry FTCh ex Decies Dodge by Studebaker FTCh.
Breeder: Mary-Jane Opie: Owner/Handler: Jennie Dimmock
  Photos here  
11th January 2016 The Birch Estate, Colchester, Essex. By kind invitation of Mrs Clare Cottrell
1st Astraglen Solo, LRD by Waterford Ganton FTCh ex Astraglen Tily. Breeder: Nigel Carville; Owner/Handler: Mark Polley  
Guns' Choice Ringneck Bramble, LRD by Tweedshot Maximus of Blackharn FTCh ex ? Owner/Handler A V Parnell