Results 2013



All Aged AV Retriever Trial, The Ampton Shoot, Great Livermere

12th September 2013

 1st   Mrs S Gadd’s    FTCh Brindlebay Gertie of Birdsgreen    Lab Ret B 3089CT  01/06/2007
Sire: FTCh Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay x Dam: Brindlebay Bedazled of Bedgebrook
Breeder: Mr M Tallamy Handler: Owner

2nd    Mrs L Ingram’s    Garrethall Ouka    Lab Ret B 3700CV  15/01/2008
Sire: FTCh Garrethall Macauley x Dam: Garethall Lucky Chance
Breeder: Owner Handler: Owner

3rd    M J Tallamy’s    Garrethall Quip of Birdsgreen    Lab Ret D AL02571506  12/06/2010
Sire: FTCh Waterford Fergus x Dam: Garrethall Myrhh
Breeder: E M Ingram Handler: Mrs S Gadd

Guns choice:    Mrs Gwen Butcher’s    Hatchfield Larch at Broomwood    Lab Ret D 33386CX  29/04/2011
Sire: FtCh Eastdale Harry x Dam: Yettolley Inca of Hatchfield
Breeder: Mrs D Harrison Handler: Owner

Novice 1 Retriever held at Bunwell, Norfolk

29th October 2013 

1st and The Stetchworth trophy for best black Labrador bitch
Mrs T A Hankey’s  Ardmuir Water Lily  Lab Ret B 2677CX  14/02/2010
FTCh Greenbriar Gettysburg x Dam:  FTCh Ardmuir Lady's Smock
Breeder: Owner Handler: Owner

2nd  Nick Barker’s  Willowbush Santas Helper  Lab Ret D AL00308506  24/12/2009
Greenriar Viper of Drakeshead x Dam:
Thunderlands Iceberg
Breeder: G Johnson Handler: Owner

Gun’s Choice  Sharon Coby’s  Longwalk Crackerjac Boy  Lab Ret D AM01280610  19/03/2011
Sire: FTCh Fordleymoor Whicky Mac x Dam: Enchantment Lady of Longwalk
Breeder: Owner Handler: Owner



Open Retriever Stake held at Lackford and Higham, Suffolk

20th & 21st November 2013

1st    Mrs Laura Hill`s Stauntonvale Story Lab Ret B 16/04/2010
FT Ch Greenbriuar Gettysbury x FT Ch Jobeshill Octavia
Breeder:  Owner     Handler: Owner

2nd    Mrs Julia Smith`s Laborie Cirrus  Lab Ret B 16/05/2008
FT  Ch Hatchfield Feargal / Laborie Zulu
Breeder:  Owner    Handler:  Owner

3rd    Mr Alistair Ford`s Striking Snipe  Lab Ret D 06/07/2011
Lockthorne Issac of Highseas / Muddymile Heron
Breeder:  Mr P Hollingsworth    Handler:  Owner

4th    Mrs Heather Bradley`s Chancelend Pitch of Heathergaye  Lab Ret D 11/02/2011
FT Ch Heathergaye Hundall / BNorwickhall Millicent
Breeder Mr P A Atlinberry    Handler:  Owner